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Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation : Honoring our fallen and their families.

Wednesday 24th of July 2024

Our Mission

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation has a multidisciplinary Line of Duty Death Response Team comprised of public safety professionals, law enforcement survivors, and citizens ready and available to respond at a moment’s notice to the request of any law enforcement agency in the state of Oregon that has experienced a line of duty death. These members ensure that the memorial service to honor the fallen law enforcement officer provides him or her with the highest honors. Agencies that provide members to the planning team for the memorial service are only responsible for paying the wage of their member and fuel to travel to the location, while the Foundation will pay for the remaining expenses, such as lodging and per diem. The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation will pay for the costs incurred by a line of duty death memorial service, including those associated with the planning, preparation, and execution of the ceremony, and to provide support for the survivors of a fallen officer.

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation has established a protocol that fits within established military and law enforcement ceremonial standards and traditions for law enforcement memorial services. The protocol includes ceremonial elements and honors that are appropriate and acceptable for all levels of law enforcement memorial services, including line-of-duty deaths, active duty but non-line-of-duty deaths, and retiree deaths. The protocol is not intended to supersede or supplant any established agency protocol, but rather serves as a guideline for agencies and provides them with information as to what level of honor will be rendered based upon the type of death should they request assistance from a member of the foundation.

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation will provide training to any law enforcement agency in the state of Oregon at no cost on line-of-duty death matters.

The Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation serves as a centralized point of contact for law enforcement honor guard units within Oregon. If an agency without an honor guard needs ceremonial assistance of any kind, they can contact the Foundation, which will in turn forward the request to all honor guard units within the state of Oregon.

Members of the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation are also available to answer questions about the history of honor guard units and their role in policing. The Foundation seeks to educate the public about the traditions and decorum of the law enforcement profession.